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Tangibles is a project that arises from two basic concerns: the importance of the context in the appreciation of an artwork and how to approach and understand the objects in a museum.

This project takes place in a unique setting: the dismantling, removal and relocation of a museum collection (Museum of Design of Barcelona, 2013-2015). And it focuses on the moment in which the object goes out of the showroom and is manipulated by curators, scientists, restorers and staff from the museum. When this happens the reality of the object changes because its context changes as well. Tangibles intends to investigate this transient state in which the subject and the object interact with each other without distances or glass, and in which a new sense comes into place: touch. (From this idea derives the title of the work: Tangible/s). The value associated with all that is “untouchable” is reversed when the museum move forces a change, albeit temporarily, to the rules of the game.
Thus, this project also aims to study the role of art conventions and to explore the way we inherently view art.

Tangibles is composed of photographs, audiovisual works and interviews of people related to art and museums. The photographic series emphasizes the moment when the museum rooms are getting empty, and darkess invades everything in a museum that disappears. These images are about open exhibition windows, walls marked with silhouettes of antique pieces, art conservators who manipulate in the stillness and silence, massive acumulations of objects that are covered by plastics and await their relocation… Any removal process, as an episode of change, involves some loss or a small forget of what it is left behind. This series illustrates all this with a certain amount of mystery to allow multiple interpretations.
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